Monday, March 3, 2008


The response to FEBO was amazing. It has been an encouragement to see so many writers making goals and then setting out to achieve them.

Whatever you accomplished in FEBO, you should take a moment to pat yourself on the back and say "Well done." Don't think about what you didn't get done--just think about the writing or editing or submitting or journaling or project-starting that you did do. Wish we could all get together and throw ourselves a party!

I'm still thinking about where to go from here with FEBO. I want to pray about it too.

But meanwhile, we can all be setting our writing goals for March. The trick is to set goals that will challenge and stretch us a little, without going crazy and setting unrealistic goals that can only lead to failure, self-loathing, and massive consumption of carbohydrates. I of learned this the hard way in FEBO! Fortunately, I'm fond of carbohydrates.

A new month is a great time for setting new goals, renewing our vision, letting go of past failures, and pressing ahead to future success. This may sound dumb but one of my goals right now is simply to find the right goal for my discipline of daily writing.

What about you? Are you continuing your goals from FEBO or making a new plan? And how do you find the balance point between asking too much of yourself and asking too little?


Peaches said...

I set three goals for March--and today, for good or ill, I did #3--sent off a synopsis and ten pages of a manuscript to a publisher. Working on #1--which is the introduction at least to the historical quarterly article and floating dead in the water on #2 which is to rewrite the second segment of the NANO-FEBO novel.

Y'all have inspired me! At least I'm not just sitting her staring at the computer!

Donna Alice said...

Okay, now that all my contest entries are in, I can go back to my original FEBO of finishing my Jenny sequel.

Then, there are a couple of new projects to finish. Sigh, writer's work is never done.