Monday, January 28, 2008

All I can say is. . . . .

Duh, I'm such a ditz.

Not to mention a newb at blogging. I forgot that I had set comments to "moderate," so four people made posts that I didn't find until tonight. So sorry. I'm still learning.

On top of that, I didn't write one word today. Not one lousy little word. Not even a or the or of. (Okay, I wrote my name on a withdrawal slip at the bank, but I don't think that counts.) I had such great intentions, but then my hubby came down with the flu, and all my carefully-made, color-coded plans went out the window. But tomorrow is another day.

Meanwhile I'm thrilled that other writers are joining me in FEBO, because, to be truthful, misery loves company. Yes, the misery of facing a blank page or a blank screen with an equally blank mind and somehow wresting words out of the nothingness. I have been such an erractic, do-it-when-it-feels-good writer, and I want to change. I want more discipline. (And some would be more!) I want to get to the point that a day without writing just feels wrong. I want to get my stuff off my hard drive and into the hands of my readers (whoever those poor tortured souls may be. . . .)

Three more days until FEBO. Three more days until change.


Peaches said...

Oh, yes, misery LOVES company--and I definitely need some! Not that I'm miserable personally--just that getting started back writing is a huge PAIN! But you've got me moving, Patty--which is a small miracle in itself!!

Hope your hubby is better, and that you don't get the flu, too!

Donna Alice said...

I don't feel particularly miserable either except when I think of all those writing projects LOOOOOOOOOOMING on the horizon.

First project of the morning--get my contest entry ready to mail. Then print up the short story that was one of my FEBO projects.

PattyK said...

Thanks, Peaches! My hubby IS feeling some better today, but he's still home from work.
Donna, you're an inspiration. I did some editing on a children's story this morning. I'm trying to ease myself back into the writing groove. Ugh. It hurts!