Tuesday, January 22, 2008


FEBO is growing fast. Our numbers have already DOUBLED. . .from one to two. At this rate, we could reach maybe seven before February 1st. At least, a girl can dream. . . . . :~)

Febo is simply my attempt to get some discipline (ouch, it hurts to say the word) into my writing.

Donna Alice has set some good concrete goals. I prefer to keep mine more nebulous, so that it's harder for people to say I didn't achieve them! Yes, that's what I would prefer, but for FEBO, I'm going to bravely follow in Donna's footsteps and set some measurable goals. Oh, the pain! The injustice! The damage to my delicate artistic temperament!

Yeah, whatever.



It's like Lent for writers--a special season of discipline to achieve a higher purpose and form new habits. Like writing instead of talking about writing, dreaming about writing, blogging about writing. . . . ooops, bad example. Just forget I said that.

Why February?

Seriously, what else is there to do in February?

How Do I Join this Ground-Breaking Global Effort?

Just do it. Set your writing goal or goals and then make a real effort to follow through, knowing you'll be among friends. Feel free to leave a post and say that you're going to give Febo a try.

Now, the only question remaining is. . . .What life-changing writing goals are YOU considering for FEBO?


Peaches said...

Hi again, Patty! I've done it--set the goal and started a brand-new blog to fulfill it. Here's the linnk: http://peacheswordplace.blogspot.com/

Would it be all right if I put the link to this blog on both my own blogs? I didn't want to do it without asking you first, but it might get some other participants.
Let me know.

Meanwhile--Forward with FEBO!

PattyK said...

Absolutely, Peaches! I'm so happy that you've joined us.

KatieBee said...

Hi, Patty--

Peaches told me about FEBO and I'm going to join, too. I'm writing a novel--a historical romance beginning in 1914 between a struggling young Southern doctor and a stage-struck suffragette. I'll probably create a new blog just for that, like Peaches has done, but I wanted to let you know I'm on board and looking forward to getting some work done!

I'm a senior in college and am actually doing an Independant Study with a writing prof for me to work on my novel further. So one thing will feed the other, I imagine.

Now--to work!

PattyK said...

katiebee. . .
I am jealous! So often I WISH I could have done an independent project in writing while I was in college. That's awesome. Welcome to FEBO!

Donna Alice said...

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack! Had to come home a day early because of the snow. So, I plan to start tomorrow printing out the 4 copies (28) pages each for the writing contest--deadline--Jan. 31st. OOPS, well, could it be a pre-FEBO goal?

Chaos-Jamie said...

I have to get 15 pages of my coming of age novel by March 1. Fifteen GOOD pages. I have maybe three pages already. Note the absence of good...

That's my goal and I'm sticking to it.

A Musing Mom said...

Love what you're doing, Patty! I've already set myself the goal of submitting one query per week this year. But I could use the accountability since I've only reached my goal twice so far this year.

My other February goal for marketing is to create and send a mailing about my book to at least a dozen Christian college libraries.

Thank Llama Momma for sending me your way.

Janny said...


Donna Alice sent me! If I link to your FEBO on my blog, maybe you'll get more people to do this?

Of course, I'd also love to just plain invite you to read my blog, too (she says, shuffling humbly).


Just say the word and I'll link us up!


Janny said...

Back atcha! You're linked at Catholic Writer Chick...enjoy!