Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Day 27: Confessions of a Reluctant Blogger

Actually, I didn't set out to do a blog.

I have nothing against blogs. In fact, I greatly admire all you writers who take the time to blog. You are amazing. And some day I may really want to do a blog on some topic that floats my boat.

But for me, FEBO isn't about a blog. It's about connecting with other writers for mutual support and encouragement as we set out to make writing a daily habit, to set goals and reach them, little by little--or chunk by chunk as Peaches put it in her latest entry on The Word Place.

This month has flown by a lot faster than a typical February. I have been so inspired by Llama Mama and A Musing Mom and bbear and Donna Alice and Katiebee and nlindabrit and NancyE and everyone of you. I guess time really does fly when you're having fun.

I have struggled in February to reach my goals, but I don't want to quit. I don't want to lose touch with all of you. I hope to keep going on into MARMO.

But as I said, I didn't set out to do a blog. Do any of you know of a place in cyber space where we could have more of a forum, a place where we could just check in now and then to report on how we're doing? Sort of like a blog, but not with one person pontificating and others adding comments in fine print--a place where we could all chime in as equals?

There may not be a better way to do it than this. . .as a series of linked blogs. But I am open to suggestions.


Peaches said...

Hooray for MARMO then! I know of no way to link blogs except by putting links to others on our individual blogs--but a site sounds good. Unfortunately, I don't know how to do that either. I've been thinking of setting up a home page but haven't gotten too far yet. There is AIM for chat as well as chat possibilites on Google and Yahoo. I have all three (don ask me why I need three!). But I hate to see FEBO end with no successor--just knowing I was pursuing my goals with others pursuing theirs--with no pressure--was quite productive.

A Musing Mom said...

I would suggest possibly a Yahoo group. Then anyone can post messages (meaning that it's not dependent on one person to generate content like on a blog). And as a member you can select to have those messages go into your email inbox if you want. It's not as public as a blog, but from what I've seen interested people can request to be added to the membership.

Another thing Yahoo allows is for repeated messages to be set to go out. So, for example, if the FEBO group wanted to have everyone share their goals for a new month, a message could go out on the last day of the previous month stating that (without the moderator or someone having to type it up and send it out each time).

That's just one option that I'm familiar with.

Donna Alice said...

I was going to say a Yahoo group too. That way if we wanted to post snippets or such and have other members help us critique them, we could do that.

Whatever you chose to do would be great, Patty.