Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Day 6

Sorry, guys. I guess I came down with that bug my hubby had last week. I can barely hold my head up. I'll be back as soon as I can.

Hope you are all going great guns on your writing goals!


Llama Momma said...

Oh no!! I'm sorry you're sick.

Get plenty of rest and we'll see you when you're better!'s everyone else doing?? I met my goal this week of submitting one thing...and may do a bit more.

In the meantime, my house looks like a pit...

A Musing Mom said...

Hey, my house looks like a pit too! Does that count for anything?

Patty - What a bummer! I hope that bug is short-lived for you.

FEBO-wise, I worked on a query draft yesterday and hope to get it submitted by Friday. Haven't tackled my marketing goal for this month because I'm still finishing up last month's marketing.

Donna Alice said...

Am not sure how my goals are going. I mean I did finish a couple but am in the midst of several projects and started a few more.

Feel better soon.

Peaches said...

Aw, Patty--what badtiming for a "bug" to bite! You take care of yourself. Your FEBOers are holding the fort until you get back!!

nlindabrit said...

Well done fellow FEBOers! You are all going great guns!

PattyK said...

This is PattyK, posting for NancyE. . . . .

Lent sneaked up on us this year-because Easter comes about as early as it possibly can. Different people observe Lent differently, or not at all-and since I was raised Protestant, I have always preferred to think of Lent, not as a time for refraining from something, but as a time for adopting a discipline of DOING something. For many years I kept a special Lenten journal in which I wrote every day of Lent. Often the topics came from devotional guides or other books. My current practice of keeping what I call my "meditation journal" (distinct from the mundane diary because instead of simply recording events, I write entries that are ABOUT something) grew out of the Lenten journals when I finally decided to keep this kind of journal regularly rather than just 40 days out of the year.

So then I had to come up with something yet more special for Lent, and one year my theme was labyrinths. I committed to walking a labyrinth in a big Presbyterian church near my home every day it was available, i. e., Mondays and Wednesdays. I kept a notebook in which I wrote every day about my labyrinth walks and other "labyrinth-related subjects"-the latter interpreted so broadly, it included such topics as other kinds of walks and journeys, labyrinth literature and art, and musings on such questions as "what makes a space sacred"?

So here it is February 6, and so far I have kept my practice of doing a Daily Writing every day (though one day I did "yesterday's" and "today's" on the same day)-and it wasn't until I heard someone on TV mention that Tuesday was Mardi Gras that I realized-whoops! Ash Wednesday is here!

So from now on my FEBO Daily Writing commitment and this year's Lenten writing discipline are combined. (Yes, I have a book for topics.)

As for the other part of my FEBO pledge-to begin writing my memoir this month-I have an additional inspiration for that. I'm in a discussion group where people share their spiritual journeys, and I just may try out my beginning on them (especially since they're starting to run out of reading material).

Last Saturday, on Groundhog Day, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow. That means six more weeks of winter-which will bring us to Easter! Happy sunshine, everyone! --NancyE