Saturday, February 2, 2008

Day 2

Day 2 and I'm already re-thinking my goals for FEBO.

For one thing, I'm going to shoot for writing 1 hour a day, Monday through Friday, instead of 2 hours--with the hope that most days, once I get started, I'll keep going for longer than that.

The second adjustment I want to make is to the weekends. I was planning on taking the weekends off, but I think that at least during FEBO, I don't want to lose the momentum. So on Saturday and Sunday, I'm going to aim for 15 minutes a day of "writing for fun"--not necessarily slogging away on my SMO (Sprawling Magnum Opus). The big goal is to have some sort of writing routine in place by the end of this month.

You guys are amazing! You have been sending comments with your progress reports--and everyone is writing, editing, outlining, submitting. . . . In fact, just making the decision to do this is a big step forward. And there are more people doing FEBO who aren't chiming in on the blog because some of you are having trouble leaving comments. Maybe some of you experienced bloggers can tell us what we're doing wrong!

Well, I'm off to reach today's goal. Catch you later!


Donna Alice said...

Can't call myself an experienced blogger so I don't know what the glitch might be. I do know several people who aren't commenting are very grateful for the push of FEBO!

I think it's good you can manage to rearrange your goals. I tend to aim for project goals, rather than time. So sensibly, I could either finish one or ten during FEBO. I like to think of this as the nudge to get me to do what I consider the "grunt" work of writing--sending out queries, slogging through ms. submission rules, etc.

And I always take Sunday off!

Kind of slow morning so far--edited and then posted a short chapter to my crit group on my chapter book project.

Cleaned off my crits and did one for a friend.

Now, I'm on to work on a fan fiction post. That might be my limit for the day.

nlindabrit said...

Not a productive day for me today, but I will make it up and I am definitely in a better frame of mind because of FEBO!

I'll work hard tomorrow, at least until the SuperBowl starts:)

Peaches said...

I took yesterday off--unintended--because I went to a DAR meeting in the morning, and in the afternoon my son came over to carry repacked bins downstairs and do some other projects. So, after church and errands this morning, I will write. My goal is an hour this afternoon, then clean house, then at least 15 minutes in the evening before bedtime.

Donna Alice said...

Today is Sunday, which I usually take off. Although I did have a meeting before church of our writing group, Scribes. We are going to be working on another project--writing our church history--as well as putting out a newspaper written by the children of the parish.

Yesterday, I sent a query to an agent. Well, this morning I received her reply--in the negative. She did write a nice letter and said she was turning it down with "deep regrets." Suppose I should be glad of that. Although I'd be even gladder to have it accepted without regrets!

Okay, Linda--I'm sure you'll be watching the game this afternoon!

Hope everyone has a great writing week ahead.